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DI Vessels finally back in stock

After a hiatus of nearly 6 months we are delighted to let our followers know that our DI vessels are finally back in stock, and back better than ever in a fetching brand identifying black colour scheme!

For those who don’t know what a DI vessel is, or what it does, this blog will hopefully clear things up. 

DI is short for de-ionisation. 

Deionisation vessels contain Semiconductor Grade Mixed bed ion Exchange Resin to leave a pure water with a Total Dissolved Solids reading of near 0.

This all sounds terribly complicated but what it means for us car enthusiasts is we can rinse our prized possessions with clean pure water which will leave no water spotting present on the finish. When this becomes even more apparent is when washing your car in sunlight, or for those among us who love a dark car. 

When coupled with a cheap TDS meter available for a few pounds from any of the usual online marketplace sellers, you can keep an accurate watch on how your vessel is performing. 

We still recommend only using your DI vessel at the final rinse stage as use at the other stages serves no benefit other than wasting the resin

Unfortunately we have had to increase the price of them to account for the rising costs in resin. We are being told that the price of resin is stable at present but the next batch may rise slightly. As always though we will absorb these costs where possible and always bring the best value for money to all of our customers  


I hope you will have gained some information from this blog but as always, if you have any questions drop us a line and we will endeavour to answer as best as possible  





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  • Can we still come and have our DI vessels we bought from you in the past refilled? Thanks


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