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Glass - Ultimate glass cleaner

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Tackling glass cleaning is nobody’s favourite task, we get it. But guess what? You now have a total game-changer in your hands.

It’s such a breeze to make glass clean that you’ll be spreading the word about how ridiculously easy it is
Pair it up with one of our glass-cleaning cloth combos, and you’ll be left wondering why this brilliant solution hasn’t been a staple in your routine forever!

Usage Instructions: Simply apply Glass to the soiled surfaces, and effortlessly wipe it away with a plush microfibre cloth. For an impeccable shine, lightly mist the surface a second time and buff it to perfection using one of our specialised glass polishing cloths. Here’s a pro tip: Glass is equally effective on car trims, mirrors, and stainless steel surfaces. Elevate your cleaning experience with this versatile solution!

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