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A-Kem Automotive XL Detailing Duffle bag

Regular price £49.95 Sale price £60.95

Introducing the A-Kem Automotive XL Detailing Duffle Bag

Exciting news! Our team has achieved something remarkable, and we're thrilled to introduce our A-Kem Automotive XL Detailing Duffle Bag. This bag is designed to be a haven for automotive enthusiasts, offering a spacious and convenient storage solution for a wide array of detailing products.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Two-in-One Design: Our duffle bag features a unique two-part design. The top section is dedicated to accommodating all your A-Kem Automotive products, ensuring you have everything you need to maintain your beloved vehicles. The integrated bottom bag is custom-tailored to perfectly fit the A-Kem Knee Saver pad, which we're delighted to include for free when you purchase the bag. Additionally, it serves as a sturdy and protective base for your products.

  2. Generous 48-Litre Capacity: With a whopping 48-litre capacity, this bag is more than spacious enough to hold all your detailing essentials. It includes handy internal pockets designed to securely store:

    • 6 x 750ml bottles
    • 7 x 500ml bottles
    • Microfibers, drying towels, and polishing pads
    • There's even room for your polishing machine if desired.
  3. Versatile Storage: Our bag is equipped with a wide range of storage features, including:

    • A shoulder strap for easy carrying
    • 6 slots for 750ml bottles
    • 7 slots for 500ml bottles
    • 1 interior net pocket on the flap
    • 4 exterior detailing brush holders
    • 4 large exterior pockets for accessories
    • A double exterior pocket at the end of the bag
    • A large exterior pocket, perfect for larger items
    • A second zip-off bag with three individual sections, ideal for microfibers or polishing pads
  4. Protection for Your Equipment: We understand the importance of protecting your valuable equipment. That's why our duffle bag includes a padded hard bottom, guarding your precious gear from drops and uneven surfaces. Rubber locating feet ensure stability and added protection.

Unbeatable Value:

Similar bags on the market can cost you over £60, especially when you factor in the Knee Saver pad. However, our A-Kem Automotive XL Detailing Duffle Bag is available for just £49.95, and we're delighted to offer free delivery. It's an outstanding value that's hard to beat.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to organize and protect your detailing products with style and convenience. Get your A-Kem Automotive XL Detailing Duffle Bag today and elevate your automotive detailing experience.

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