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Black Microfibre Cloth

Product image 1Anachem Automotive Black Microfibre Cloth
Product image 2Anachem Automotive Black Microfibre Cloth

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High-Quality Black Microfibre Cloth: Your Solution for Safe and Effective Tar Deposit Removal

This black microfibre cloth is far from ordinary; it's a high-density, high-quality soft microfibre designed for specific detailing tasks. It's particularly ideal for use with Tarminator, a product used for the removal of stubborn tar deposits on your vehicle's surface. Here's what makes this microfibre cloth a standout choice:

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. High Density and High-Quality: The microfibre cloth is crafted with a high-density and high-quality material, ensuring it's up to the task of effectively removing tough tar deposits from your vehicle's surface.

  2. Gentle on Your Vehicle: Despite its effectiveness, this cloth is designed to be gentle on your vehicle's paintwork. Its soft microfibre action minimises the risk of marring, ensuring that your paint remains free from scratches or blemishes.

  3. Plush and Durable: While it's soft and gentle, this microfibre cloth is also plush enough to withstand the mechanical rubbing required for effective tar deposit removal. It combines gentleness with durability.

  4. Versatile and Practical: The simplicity of a black microfibre cloth makes it a practical choice for various detailing tasks. It's a versatile addition to your detailing toolkit.

When it comes to dealing with challenging tar deposits on your vehicle, the high-quality black microfibre cloth, combined with the right tar removal product like Tarminator, is a valuable asset. It's the perfect tool for maintaining your vehicle's pristine appearance while effectively tackling stubborn tar deposits.

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