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AVA Extension Hose, Steel Reinforced

Product image 1AVA Extension Hose, Steel Reinforced
Product image 2AVA Extension Hose, Steel Reinforced
Product image 3AVA Extension Hose, Steel Reinforced

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AVA Steel Reinforced Extension Hose: Maximize Your Pressure Washing Reach

When you need to extend the reach of your AVA Pressure Washer, the AVA Steel Reinforced Extension Hose is the premium solution you've been searching for. Crafted with professional-quality, high-grade rubber, this hose offers exceptional flexibility and a longer lifespan. Say goodbye to the frustrations of tangling and buckling that are often associated with cheaper alternatives. This hose is the right choice for daily or frequent use, providing a durable and reliable extension for your pressure washer.

Key Features:

  1. High-Quality Construction: This extension hose is built with professional-grade, high-quality rubber, ensuring exceptional flexibility and durability. It can withstand the rigors of daily or frequent use, delivering reliable performance.

  2. Tangle and Buckle-Free: Unlike cheaper alternatives, this hose won't tangle or buckle during use. You can count on a smooth, uninterrupted pressure washing experience.

  3. Quick-Connect System: When you order this hose, it comes with an AVA Male Quick-Connect on one end and an AVA Female Quick-Connect on the other end. This ensures easy and secure connections, making setup a breeze.

  4. Hose Replacement: The AVA Steel Reinforced Extension Hose is a perfect replacement for the original hose on newer AVA pressure washers that come equipped with a Quick-Connect system on the hose reel. It offers the same level of quality and reliability you expect from AVA products.

With the AVA Steel Reinforced Extension Hose, you can maximize your pressure washing reach and tackle cleaning tasks with ease. Its top-notch construction, resistance to tangling and buckling, and compatibility with Quick-Connect systems make it an ideal choice for both casual and frequent users. Upgrade your pressure washer setup with this premium extension hose.

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