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AVA Self Priming Hose

Product image 1AVA Self Priming Hose
Product image 2AVA Self Priming Hose
Product image 3AVA Self Priming Hose

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AVA Self Priming Hose with Check Valve: Expand Your Water Source Options

The AVA Self Priming Hose with Check Valve is an essential accessory that enhances the versatility of your AVA pressure washer. It allows your AVA pressure washer to draw water from various sources, making it incredibly convenient for a range of cleaning applications. Here's what you need to know:

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Self-Priming Capability: All AVA pressure washers are self-priming, which means they can independently draw water into the machine without the need for external assistance. This feature makes using your AVA pressure washer a hassle-free experience.

  2. Comprehensive Package: The self-priming hose is delivered with several essential components, including a check valve and a coarse filter. These elements work together to ensure the smooth and reliable flow of water into your pressure washer.

  3. Optimal Length: The hose is three meters long, providing you with ample reach to access water sources that may be slightly distant from your pressure washer.

  4. Compatibility: While designed for AVA pressure washers, this self-priming hose is also compatible with most other pressure washers that have self-priming capabilities. Its universal compatibility makes it a valuable addition to your cleaning equipment.

Important Notes:

  • Always refer to your user manual to confirm if your pressure washer is self-priming and to determine the maximum height difference between the water inlet and the water source (lift height).

  • Running a pressure washer without an adequate water supply may damage the internal seals and lead to the motor overheating if it relies on water for cooling.

The AVA Self Priming Hose with Check Valve is the key to expanding your water source options and ensuring your pressure washer functions optimally. It simplifies the process of sourcing water and enhances the efficiency of your cleaning tasks.


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