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CitraClean - Ceramic Friendly pre cleaner

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CitraClean: Your Powerful Citrus Pre-Wash for Stubborn Grime

CitraClean is your go-to solution for dealing with tough dirt, bugs, and road grime on your vehicle. This powerful citrus pre-wash is specifically formulated to handle those times when regular shampoo and snow foam just won't cut it. Here's what sets CitraClean apart:

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Formulated for Ceramic Coated Vehicles: CitraClean is specially designed with ceramic-coated vehicles in mind. It's not only effective at removing stubborn dirt but also helps to unclog and recharge ceramic coatings. This ensures maximum performance and restores hydrophobic properties, keeping your vehicle looking pristine.

  2. Gentle Yet Effective: This product is gentle on your vehicle's paintwork while being highly effective at removing bugs and grime. It won't harm your waxes and sealants, ensuring that your exterior protection remains intact.

  3. All-Natural Cleaning Solution: CitraClean is an all-natural cleaning solution, making it safe for use on both exterior and interior surfaces. It's a true all-rounder in the world of vehicle cleaning.

  4. Versatile Applications: CitraClean isn't limited to just one task. It's strong enough for engine bay degreasing, ideal for removing bug splatter, and suitable for cleaning convertible soft tops, thanks to its anti-bacterial agents that help prevent mould.

  5. Highly Concentrated: A little goes a long way with CitraClean. You can achieve effective cleaning with just 25ml of the product in a standard 750ml trigger spray bottle.

Directions for Use:

  • Mix 25ml of CitraClean in a 750ml trigger spray bottle to recharge clogged coatings, remove bug splatter, and tackle general road grime.

  • Use a slightly stronger mixture for deep cleaning under your vehicle's arches to remove months or even years' worth of dirt and leave all parts, including suspension struts and aluminium arms, thoroughly clean.

  • Avoid allowing the product to dry. For longer dwell times, you can liberally spray UltraFoam on top.

CitraClean is the result of extensive research and development, offering a powerful and versatile solution for all your vehicle cleaning needs. Whether you're working on ceramic-coated surfaces, tackling tough grime, or cleaning your engine bay, CitraClean is up to the task, delivering impressive results with its concentrated formula.

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