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HydraClean: Your Hydrophobic Exterior Glass Cleaner

HydraClean is more than just an exceptional exterior glass cleaner—it incorporates advanced rain-repellent technology that forms an instant water-repellent coating on your glass surfaces. This hydrophobic feature helps enhance visibility and safety in wet conditions, making it a standout product for automotive glass care.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Rain-Repellent Technology: HydraClean is designed to do more than just clean your vehicle's exterior glass. It contains rain-repellent technology that bonds to the glass surface, creating an instant water-repellent coating. This coating enhances visibility and safety by repelling rainwater even at lower speeds (as low as 30mph).

  2. Versatile Use: This product is suitable for all exterior glass and mirror surfaces, including windshields and panoramic roofs. It's perfect for achieving remarkable clarity and water beading.

Directions for Use:

  1. Simply spritz HydraClean onto the glass surface that you want to clean and treat.

  2. Spread it evenly over the glass to ensure complete coverage.

  3. Buff off the product using a dedicated cloth, such as our waffle weave cloth, to reveal crystal-clear and hydrophobic protected glass surfaces.

HydraClean offers not only a thorough glass cleaning but also the added benefit of rain-repellent technology. With this product, you can enjoy enhanced visibility and safety during wet weather conditions, making it a valuable addition to your automotive maintenance routine.

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