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HydraCoat - Polymer Sealant

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HydraCoat is made from advanced reactive polymers.  This sealant ensures long-lasting durability and a brilliant finish


HydraCoat provides unmatched protection and shine for your vehicle. .With its hydrophobic coating, HydraCoat repels water showcasing impressive water sheeting and beading.
This highly durable formula safeguards your paintwork for a solid 10-12 weeks. Use HydraCoat alone on unprotected paintwork or as a top-up to existing vehicle protections.

Trust HydraCoat for lasting shine and superior defence.

Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Gloss and Durability: HydraCoat, true to its name, is a dynamic polymer coating that adheres to your vehicle’s bodywork, serving as a sacrificial layer to safeguard the underlying coatings. Experience up to three months of superior beading and sheeting, seamlessly complementing any existing coatings already applied.. 

  2. Versatile Use: HydraCoat showcases remarkable versatility, suitable for application on paintwork, plastics, and glass, offering impressive hydrophobic properties lasting for up to three months.

Directions for Use:

    1. Prior to application of HydraCoat, ensure the vehicle has been cleaned thoroughly, and ensure the paintwork is cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight.

    2. Begin by shaking the bottle to activate the ingredients.
    3. Use with a foam cannon for optimal results.
    4. Apply while the vehicle is wet, covering the entire exterior including glass surfaces
    5. Allow 4-5 minutes of dwell time; do not let it dry.
    6. Thoroughly pressure wash off rinsing from bottom to top to ensure all product is removed. 
    7. Rinse the lance out thoroughly for next use.

Achieve maximum protection and shine with HydraCoat - it's as simple as that!

And the best part  - you can continue to use UltraGloss as your drying aid after each wash to further extend the durability of HydraCoat and even better - you can continue to use everyone’s favourite QD - Hybrid - to boost gloss to unbelievable levels 


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