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Product image 1IK SPRAYER MULTI PRO 2
Product image 2IK SPRAYER MULTI PRO 2

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The 1.90 Litre IK Multi Pro 2 sprayer is an advanced and high-performance sprayer designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional users in various sectors. Its design priorities safety, ease of use, and resilience against aggressive chemicals, particularly acids.

Key Features of the IK Multi Pro 2 Sprayer:

  1. Pressure Rating and Depressurisation: The sprayer is rated at 3 bar (43.5 psi) for effective pressure application. It's equipped with an automatic depressurisation option for safety and convenience. This feature allows users to safely release pressure when needed.

  2. Versatile Nozzles with Safety Lock: The sprayer is supplied with two types of nozzles—an adjustable conical nozzle and a fan nozzle. These nozzles provide flexibility in selecting different spray patterns based on specific requirements. The nozzles are equipped with a safety lock to ensure controlled and safe operation.

  3. Translucent Tank with Level Indicator: The sprayer features a robust and translucent tank, which not only offers durability but also allows users to monitor the liquid level without any guesswork. This ensures that you are always aware of the amount of liquid in the tank.

  4. Innovative and Ergonomic Design: The sprayer is designed with innovation and ergonomics in mind. Its user-friendly design makes it comfortable to handle, operate, and manoeuvre during use. The large filling aperture simplifies the process of filling the tank with liquids.

  5. Stable Base: To provide additional stability during use, the sprayer is equipped with a stable base. This feature helps prevent tipping or wobbling, ensuring reliable and efficient operation.

  6. Depressurisable Safety Valve: The sprayer includes a depressurisable safety valve, which is essential for maintaining safety and control during spraying tasks. The safety valve allows users to release pressure in a controlled manner, reducing the risk of accidents.

The IK Multi Pro 2 sprayer is a versatile and durable tool suitable for a wide range of professional applications. Its resistance to aggressive chemicals, especially acids, makes it a reliable choice for various sectors. The sprayer's high-quality components, ergonomic design, and safety features provide an optimal spraying experience for professional users.

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