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Magiclean Glass Cleaning Cloths

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Magiclean glass cleaning microfibre cloths are designed to provide exceptional cleaning performance on glass surfaces, leaving them streak-free and smear-free. Here's how they work and how to use them:

Two times the Microfibre Technology: Magiclean cloths utilise a two-layer microfibre design. This design enhances their cleaning effectiveness and helps prevent smearing and streaking.

  1. First Layer (Fluffy Microfibre): The fluffy layer of microfibre is designed to "grab" dirt and contaminants from the glass surface. As you wipe, this layer helps encapsulate and trap the dirt within its deep pile, preventing it from being spread around and causing streaks.

  2. Second Layer (Ultra Fine Denier Microfibre): The second layer consists of ultra-fine denier microfibre. This layer is responsible for polishing and shining the glass surface, ensuring a perfectly clean and streak-free finish.

How to Use Magiclean Microfibre Cloths with Clearview or Glass Cleaners:

  1. Spray Your Cleaner: Begin by spraying your glass cleaner, such as Clearview, directly onto the glass surface you want to clean. Make sure to apply the cleaner evenly across the area.

  2. Wipe with Magiclean Cloth: Take your Magiclean microfibre cloth and start wiping the glass surface. You can start with the fluffy side of the cloth to "grab" the dirt and contaminants. This will help ensure thorough cleaning.

  3. Polishing and Streak-Free Finish: After using the fluffy side, change the cloth to the ultra-fine denier side. Use this side to polish and shine the glass. This step will remove any remaining streaks or residues, leaving the glass with a clean, streak-free finish.

  4. Repeat as Needed: Depending on the size and dirtiness of the glass surface, you may need to repeat the process. Always use a clean section of the cloth when working on a new area to avoid reintroducing dirt.

Magiclean microfibre cloths are a valuable tool for achieving clear and streak-free glass surfaces, and when used in combination with glass cleaners like Clearview, they can leave your car's windows and mirrors looking pristine.

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