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Magiclean - Magic Eraser Sponge

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Magiclean is a highly effective cleaning product designed for the removal of stubborn stains and dirt from various surfaces in car interiors. Here are the basic steps for using Magiclean:

  1. Prepare the Sponges: Start by wetting the Magiclean sponges with clean water. Ensure they are thoroughly soaked, but not overly saturated.

  2. Gently Squeeze: After wetting the sponges, gently squeeze out excess water to prevent excessive moisture on the cleaning surface. The sponges should be damp, not dripping wet.

  3. Spot Cleaning: If you are dealing with areas that are heavily soiled or stained, it's recommended to pre-clean the surfaces with a suitable A-Kem Automotive product. Products like HD Clean, SolaPower, or CitraClean can be used for this purpose. Follow the specific instructions for the pre-cleaning product you choose.

  4. Magiclean Application: With the sponges prepared, you can start using Magiclean. Gently rub or dab the damp Magiclean sponges on the stained or dirty areas. The sponge's texture is designed to help lift and remove dirt and stains effectively.

  5. Rinse as Needed: Depending on the level of dirt and the size of the area being cleaned, you may need to rinse the sponges periodically. This helps avoid redistributing dirt and stains back onto the surface.

  6. Finish and Dry: Once you have successfully removed the stubborn stains, take a clean, dry cloth or paper towel and wipe the cleaned area to remove any remaining moisture. This also helps to ensure that the cleaned surface dries evenly.

Magiclean is a valuable tool for deep cleaning car interiors, including leather seats, textured plastics, and more. When used as part of your interior cleaning routine, it can effectively remove tough stains and leave your car's interior looking refreshed and clean. 

Special care needs to be taken when used on leather due to the abrasive nature of the sponge material

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