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Seamless Microfibre Cloths

Product image 1Anachem Automotive Seamless Microfibre Cloths
Product image 2Anachem Automotive Seamless Microfibre Cloths

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The Specialist Pearl Weave Microfibre Cloth is designed for use on sensitive surfaces and paintwork, making it ideal for the initial removal of waxes, polishes, and sealants. It features a sonic cut edge to ensure that it cleans delicate areas without causing any scratching or marring. Here are the key features and details about this specialised microfibre cloth:

Key Features:

  • Ideal for Delicate Surfaces: This cloth is specially designed for sensitive surfaces and paintwork, making it a suitable choice for the first stage of removing waxes, polishes, and sealants. It ensures gentle yet effective cleaning.

  • Sonic Cut Edge: The cloth's sonic cut edge is a key feature that prevents scratching or marring while cleaning. It offers an added layer of protection for delicate surfaces.

  • Pearl Weave: The cloth is manufactured with a pearl weave, which is recognised as the highest quality of microfibre available on the market. This weave pattern provides superior performance and durability compared to standard, cheaper microfibre materials.

  • Seamless Design: The cloth is seamless, which enhances its performance and longevity. A seamless design reduces the risk of snagging or damage during use.

  • GSM and Polyamide Content: The cloth has a weight of 300GSM (Grams per Square Meter) and is composed of high-quality microfibre with 30% Polyamide. This high Polyamide content ensures the cloth's quality and effectiveness throughout its use.

The Specialist Pearl Weave Microfibre Cloth is a top-quality cleaning tool that provides a gentle yet thorough cleaning experience for delicate surfaces and paintwork. Its sonic cut edge, pearl weave pattern, and high Polyamide content contribute to its durability and effectiveness.

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