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Elevate Your Hand Hygiene with Ultra70 Alcohol Hand Sanitising Gel

We all remember when hand sanitisers were our constant companions, and while our focus has shifted, it's essential to keep that safety net close by. Imagine you're about to dig into your delicious lunch, filling up your car with fuel, or gearing up for a date night. No worries – we've got your back! Our trusty hand sanitising gel is the perfect car companion, always ready to ensure your hands are clean and safe. So whether it's a meal on the go or a special evening out, we're here to help you stay protected. Your well-being is our priority!

Introducing Ultra70, your ultimate hand hygiene companion. We've taken hand sanitising to the next level, surpassing government guidelines with a minimum of 70% alcohol content to provide the utmost protection against harmful bacteria and viruses. But that's not all - we've added a delightful watermelon fragrance, so you can enjoy the sanitising process without the harsh chemical smell.

Here's what makes Ultra70 stand out:

  • Effective Protection: With a minimum of 70% alcohol, our hand sanitising gel ensures that you're shielded from harmful viruses and bacteria. We've used the same pure alcohol-based formula trusted in hospitals for rapid and reliable results.

  • Skin Care Meets Sanitisation: We care about your skin. Ultra70 is expertly blended with emollients and moisturising agents. This means it not only disinfects but also keeps your skin healthy and nourished, even with regular use.

  • Fast Drying: Say goodbye to sticky hands. Our gel is designed for quick absorption, so you can go about your day with confidence.

  • Residual Protection: The sanitising effect lingers, continuously working to safeguard your health.

  • Convenient Packaging: Our 185ml squeeze bottle is designed for ease of use, with a non-drip cap to prevent messes.

We understand the importance of responsible distribution. To ensure that everyone has access to these essential products, we're limiting sales. If you require bulk quantities, please reach out to us for special pricing.

Elevate your hand hygiene experience with Ultra70 and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with superior protection.

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