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UltraGloss - High Gloss spray wax

Product image 1Anachem Automotive Anachem Automotive UltraFoam - pH neutral Snow Foam
Product image 2Anachem Automotive Anachem Automotive UltraFoam - pH neutral Snow Foam

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When you're running short on time, and don't have the time to dry your car and add a layer of Hybrid, UltraGloss is your magical friend!

Prepare to be enchanted by the powers of UltraGloss, the ultimate rinse aid spray wax that's about to redefine your car care game. This extraordinary elixir is your car's best friend after a thorough wash, and here's why it's pure magic:

Magical Properties:

  • Unique Dirt Repellents: UltraGloss is armed with dirt-repelling charms that not only keep your car clean but also make it resistant to future dirt and grime. It's like a force field for your vehicle!
  • Dazzling Shine: Thanks to its gloss enhancers, UltraGloss unveils a brilliant shine that will leave you and your car in awe.

Harmony with Sealants and Waxes:

  • UltraGloss isn't just about stealing the spotlight; it's a team player. It plays well with your existing sealants and waxes, elevating your car care routine to a whole new dimension of excellence.

Ultimate Compatibility:

  • For unparalleled results, we suggest bringing in its friends from the A-Kem Automotive range. They're like the Avengers of car care products, working together to save the day.

Winter Wonder:

  • Even during the frosty embrace of winter, when surface conditions are finicky, UltraGloss stands strong. It's your secret weapon for achieving a flawless finish.

Dilution Instructions:

  • Mix UltraGloss in a 10:1 ratio with water.
  • Apply this mix using your trusty foam cannon or spray it on with a pump sprayer like the IK range
  • Let it dwell for a minute or two, allowing it to bond with the paintwork.
  • Rinse it off and behold the transformation! 

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