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UltraMitt - Optimal Car Wash Mitt

Regular price £12.95

We've heard your feedback and we're excited to introduce the upgraded UltraMitt V2 – it's thicker, softer, and better than ever before. We've taken all the advantages of the first-generation UltraMitt and made significant improvements, and the best part? It's still offered at the same affordable price!

The UltraMitt V2 is meticulously engineered for a superior washing experience. It's all about optimal glide, exceptional contaminant capture, and effortless release. This wash mitt is designed to gracefully glide across your paintwork, effectively picking up dirt and grime while safely releasing contaminants into your rinse bucket.

With its soft foam core, it retains a generous amount of wash solution, making your washing process even more efficient. The low friction glide characteristics also help reduce the risk of leaving behind swirl marks, ensuring a smooth and safe washing experience for your vehicle. Say hello to the enhanced UltraMitt V2 and take your car cleaning to the next level.

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