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UltraSlick - High Shine Tyre Dressing

Product image 1Anachem Automotive UltraSlick - High Shine Tyre Dressing
Product image 2Anachem Automotive UltraSlick - High Shine Tyre Dressing

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Meet UltraSlick, your ticket to tyres that glisten with long-lasting, high-gloss beauty. This tough tire dressing is your path to a luxurious finish that will have your tyres looking like they've been drenched in liquid gloss, and the best part? It dries in mere minutes, with no annoying fling to worry about.

What Sets UltraSlick Apart:

  • Exceptional Resilience: This isn't your average tyre dressing; it's built to last. One application and you're in for a deep, lustrous shine that's going to turn heads.

Proven Durability:

  • We don't make claims lightly. UltraSlick has been through rigorous testing, and it's emerged victorious, maintaining that stunning shine for over two weeks. That's right, even after your regular washes, it's going to keep shining bright.

Perfect Application:

  • For the best results and an even, flawless application, we recommend using our microfibre applicator pad. It's the magic wand for your tire transformation.

Preparation Matters:

  • Before you dive into the shine, make sure your wheels are sparkling clean. You can use our Cleanse or Purge products for that. Additionally, applying UltraSlick to dry tyres is the secret to superior results, so grab an old microfibre cloth and give them a wipe to dry before you apply! 
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